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Mentawai Island have Become a Noted Destination for Surfing

Mentawai Island
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Mentawai islands are consist of several island that lies  approximerally 150 km from the western coast of Sumatra island in Indonesia. The largest island of Mentawai islands is Siberut. It’s about 4.030 km2. The other major islands are Sipura, North Pagai (Pagai Utara), and South Pagai (Pagai Selatan).  Siberut, the large island covered by tropical rain forest.  When you first time arrive in Siberut, you are welcoming with white coral beaches, ancient rainforest, and hear the sound off wild animals. This islad is home of diversity of  sea biota and issuing as UNESCO biosphere reserve.


Considering it’s isolated island in indonesia, the native inhabitant in these islands called Mentawai people had very little contact with the outside world. The native inhabitan still abide traditional culture and practices. Spiritual relationship with the forest and nature is the important part of Mentawai cultures. The local belief convinced that  it make harmonius with creation.

The inseparable symbol of Mentawai culture is Tatoos. Tatoos is reflect maturity, manhood also status. This art of body paiting is inherited from ancient ancestors. Mentawai people made ink of tatoos from natural fiber.


Mentawai Island Surving
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Mentawai Island Beach Surving
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The other attraction from Mentawai that is its wave. Now on Mentawai famous for the surfer. It’s attract visitor becuse of these island has wave for world class surfing. Monster waves, consitently waves, and swell make this place ranked by serious and proffesional surfers as a must visit destination. Now Mentawai Island have become a noted destination for surfing.

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