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Kepulauan Seribu There are 45 Islands that has Function as Tourism Islands

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Pulau Seribu (thousand island) located in Jakarta bay which has 100 miles length and 108.00 ha. In the Pulau Seribu has 110 islands which is some in large groups and some in small groups. This islands grouped according the function, the characteristic, and differecies between the islands. There are tourism islands, conservation, historical islands, and islands for community empowement. It take for about 20 minutes to reach nearest island and three hours to reach the farthest island by riding speed boat from the port of Marina Ancol.


Administratively this islands in district of DKI Jakarta province and headed by regent which located on Pramuka islands as the capital district. Pramuka island has complete infrastructure such as scholl buildings, sport facilities, intregrated security system, healthy facilities and hospital with some speedboat ambulance. In Kepulauan Seribu there are 45 islands that has function as tourism islands which are classified into general tourism and special tourism such as Anyer Island, Bidadari island, Kotok island, Putri island, Pantara island, Sepa island.

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These island have eduquate and even complete facilities. In this area you can find Thousand Islands National Park which includes 44 islands. It has wide for about 110 ha. This national park area has high conservation value because the of the type and diversity of marine life. Some of cnservation islands are in Pramuka islands for its Lamun Savannah, Onamel fish in Panggang island and Rambut islands for its native birds for example Elang Bondol. There are some historic islands, such as Khayangan Islands, Onrust Islands and Kelors islands that have historic sites. Thousands Islands as tourism islands have good quality accomodations with unique architecture and interesting interior that support its beautiful panorama.

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