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Borobudur, Genuinely a World Miracle that Decoy Heart

Image via National Geographic

Enchantment Of Borobudur
Borobudur, who do not know borobudur temple? A Buddhism temple located in regency magelang, central java, Indonesia. This history site has 1.460 relief and 504 buddhism stupa at the temple complex. Genuinely a world miracle that decoy heart

Borobudur  temple was built by king samaratungga, one of  king the mataram ancient kingdom, breed of syailendra dynasty. Based on inscription kayumwungan, an indonesian nameds Hudaya Kandahjaya unfold that Borobudur as a religious place finished built May 26th, 824.

Name of Borobudur mean a terrace mount (budhara), meanwhile several others say Borobudur mean monastery located in tall place. Building Borobudur itself formed terrace stage consist of 10 levels tallly 42 meters. But after renovate, the tall this temple is around 34,5 meters.

Borobudur not merely terrace building, in every stage has beautiful reliefs that tell about a story very historically legend, that is Ramayana. But also found relief yang describe society condition at that time, like farm and sail.

Not suprisingly if in one year, around 1 more than million tourist visits this temple. But earthquake Yogyakarta 27 mays 2006, make this temple visitor decreaseds. Tool and infrastructure around temple in damage. Even local society doesn’t think to do tour visit to this temple. Luckly, earthquake that not make badly destruction in this temple

But after the improvements are now back Borobudur temple attracted many tourists both local and foreign tourists. Even in the month of June 2011 the artist Richard Gere visited this Buddhist temple.